I think it's...Melony?
— Wingy answering Luis's question in A New Adventure?.

Wingy is a male contestant in Melody Star.


Wingy loves to skateboard. According to the auditions, he isn't very smart.


"He's the one of those few objects in the world that has wings. Fun fact: He can't fly, because his wings are too small, but he can use them for skateboarding, and running, that makes him faster then others. Will he have the chance to win? Absolutely!" — Wingy's description on his deviation on K&K's old DeviantArt account.

"Despite the size of his wings, Wingy can fly. He has to do a running start to get airborne though. Other than flying, his wings can be used for balancing on a skateboard or as a boost for running. This makes him the fastest when running. Also, Wingy gets around more reliably by running." — Wingy's new description for the reboot.

Wing capability

Hence his name, Wingy has a pair of wings. According to his old description, he is one of the few objects with wings.

(Melody Star) Because his wings are smaller than his body, Wingy is unable to fly. However, his wings are used rather for skateboarding and running.

(Melody Star Reboot) Wingy has to gain momentum by running in order to fly. Like the original series, he can use his wings for skateboarding and running.


  • Wingy was basically inspired from Luis.
    • His wings were from how Roxy Gigi liked My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. However, she wanted to have the wings be more realistic.
    • His hobby of skateboarding was derived from ne of Roxy's friends.