Tubby "Tub" is a male contestant in Melody Star.


Tubby is usually described as a person who acts like a two-year-old despite being older than this. The reason why he acts like this is because he is crazy.

Because of this, Tubby likes to eat inanimate things, as well as sometimes wanting his teddy bear and pacifier.


"Tubby is a random character who is also the only limbless character from the cast. He actually acts like a 3 years old child, plus likes watching children shows such as Dora The Explorer, or Duck TV xd He can't live without his teddy bear, and he usually annoys others with his stupid, repeating questions" — Tubby's description on his deviation on K&K's old DeviantArt account.

"Tubby, or Tub for short, is the only armless competitor, and quite the most unintelligent. Despite his age, he acts like a two-year-old toddler and likes watching children shows. He usually can't live without his teddy bear. Also, he usually repeats questions that do annoy others." — Tubby's new description for the reboot.


  • He is the only armless contestant to compete in Melody Star.
  • Tubby is a popular-to-fans character.