— Suzy's first line in A New Adventure?

Suzy is a female contestant in Melody Star.


According to both her bios, Suzy changes her hair color depending on her mood. When feeling sad, her hair is dyed black. When feeling happy, her hair is dyed pink.


"She's a human-looking object. She an emo, who is also the woman of moods. When she feels depressed she paints her hair to black, and when she feels happier, she paints her hair to pink. She's fan of rock music. She doesn't speak a lot in the first episode, because her parents got divorced which shattered her very much." — Suzy's description on her deviation on K&K's old DeviantArt account.

"This emo has serious mood swings! When feeling depressed, Suzy dyes her hair black. When feeling happy though, she dyes it pink. She does not like to talk much, due to her parents getting divorced which shattered her very much. She also likes to listen to rock music." — Suzy's new description for the reboot.


  • She was in Object Popular as Emily, but during the development of Melody Star, Emily was changed to Suzy.