Luis (Lewis/Rainbow Ball in Object Popular) is a male contestant in Melody Star.


"A human looking object thingy. He is an attractive, and handsome person, who loves skateboarding. He already has a bunch of friends, and he's quite popular. He's very smart, but lazy." — Luis's description on his deviation on K&K's old DeviantArt account.

"Luis looks like a humanoid, but don't get confused. He is a well-liked guy with a love for skateboarding. Not much else is known about him, since he likes to keep most of his info a secret. Sure, he is lazy, and plays video games before the episodes start, but he's intelligent." — Luis's new description for the reboot.


Object Popular

  • Luis's name was spelt as Lewis.
  • Lewis is either a beach ball or a marble with five colors (from middle to sides: green, gray, gold, yellow, and blue).
  • Lewis wore shades.
  • Lewis has no bracelet.


  • Lewis was re-spelt as Luis.
  • Luis is now a light orange/beige circle.
  • Luis's hair is brown.
  • Luis loses his shades.

Original series

  • Luis has black hair.
  • Luis wears a bracelet.


  • Luis's hair is brown again, with black bangs.
  • Luis loses his bracelet.