Kerchief is a female contestant in Melody Star.


Object Popular

  • Kerchief has an outline.
  • Kerchief was more rigid.
  • Kerchief was yellow-gold.

Melody Star

  • Kerchief loses her outline.
  • Kerchief's shading was tweaked a bit.

Melody Star Reboot

  • Kerchief regains her outline.
  • Kerchief is more smooth.
  • Kerchief is now gold.


"Kerchief is a fan of books. She is a friendly and helpful person, who loves meeting new people. She's kind with everyone, but when someone  lies to her, she can take it very easily. She always tries her best at challenges, and she never lets her friends down." — Kerchief's description on her deviation on K&K's old DeviantArt account.

"Kerchief is a friendly person who is a book fanatic. She is helpful and kind to others, but she is easily fooled by lies. She always tries her hardest in challenges and lets no one down." — Kerchief's new description for the reboot.