Gem was a contestant in Object Popular, which was the beta of Melody Star.


Gem is a diamond-shaped gemstone that is blue and has a diamond cross light blue glow. And a glow on the outside. He also wears a golden bracelet


Gem is a very cool and calm collected person. He is very chill and very normal, he's highly intelligent and usually tries to avoid people who are cocky. He has a rivalry with Luis however cause Luis stole his best friends, his girlfriends and bullied him all his life for unknown reasons. They have been clashing for a long time, however, Gem seemingly becomes the overshadowed one because Luis was more popular than him, however, Gem was factual. During the competition, mentally and strategically, he is a force to be reckoned with

In the reboot of Melody Star, since he appears in the end of each episode alongside other recommended characters, he doesn't interact with anyone or anything.

Object Popular

Not much was said about him, however, someone leaked that he made it past 12 eliminations, and was said to presumably been eliminated during the Final 7. But otherwise he outlasted Luis, but was eliminated when the eliminated contestants got to vote, and he got 1 more vote than Tubby causing his elimination.

Melody Star

He was actually supposed to be in Melody Star (series) for the purposes to create development and drama with Luis, however Gem was rejected for the purpose of possibly being too normal for the better being dubbed as a Gary Stu, so he was replaced by Wingy, who has an almost identical personality with Gem but is now a skater, Thus ending Gem's character overall


  • Gem was suppose to be in the original Melody Star but got replaced by Wingy
  • According to Roxy Gigi, Gem one of the more mature characters, however was one of the more intimidating characters, basically removed for the purpose to make room for other characters
  • Gem will appear in the reboot as a recommended character.
    • He is the first Object Popular contestant whow asn't in the final cast of Melody Star to appear, not counting Watch who would replace Octagon once he was eliminated in the original series.