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Melody Star-Episode 1 - "A new adventure?"

Melody Star-Episode 1 - "A new adventure?"

A New Adventure? (incorrectly capitalized as "A new adventure?") is the first and only episode of Melody Star. The episode was removed from YouTube three times, and is now unavailable on YouTube. However, it has since been available on DailyMotion and has been reuploaded back on YouTube by The Graveyard of the YouTube.


"In this episode, two friends, Melody and Tape apply for a show where only one of them is accepted as a host for a competition show. Then Melody visits the island where she expects lots of cool stuff, but after staying a few hours, she probably had better not apply. Who are the contestants? How many people will Melody meet? And what kind of places will everyone visit? Find out everything here, in Melody Star!" — Episode description on YouTube before being taken off the first time.

"A cyan star who goes by the name of Melody goes to an island where she hosts the show she named "Melody Star." After hours, she starts to get second thoughts." — DailyMotion release.


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Note: The characters are placed in order of first appearance in the episode.



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  • Cultural reference: A reference to a show by Niall Burns called "Object Overload" is made when Luis asks about the "blue star's" name. Wingy guesses that her name was Melony.
  • Melody's mother, Fabulous Star, was mentioned twice in this episode.